Our activities

We will introduce about
our activities related to the topics about palm oil! 

Website Contest
Taiwan Study Tour
Visiting company
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Website Contest
We created this website to spread what we learned about palm oil to many people! 
This website was chosen as a semi-finalist of the 「全国中学高校Webコンテスト」 
Please click here to see an official website of the contest↓
Taiwan Study Tour

We went to Taiwan Study Tour(field trip)
We discussed sustaining palm oil industry
without harming environment and human rights with students in Taiwan.
We presented our opinion to other students after the discussion!
It was hard to express our thought in English, but it was a precious
experience that we could exchange our opinions with foreign country's students.
Please click here to read about details about our Taiwan study tour!!↓

Visiting company
We visited the company which uses CSPO( short for certificated sustainable palm oil).
There, we learned not only about CSPO, but also about the company's rainforest conservation project in Malaysia.

We discussed environmental problems with foreingh university students,
and learned about them around the world.
In the same time, we learnd different perspectives about solutions of  environmental problems.



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