What we can do
let's think about what we can do about palm oil?? 


Though palm oil is used for food, detergent, cosmetics etc…
it can be said that palm oil is the existence close to us,
there are a lot of people which don’t know what palm oil is,
and what kind of problem there are.
First of all, it’s important to know and be interested in them.
And then, let’s look into them yourselves and understand deeply!


After you understand about palm oil, spread knowledge,
your opinion, and so on let your friends and family know more about the problems.
You may find something new through sharing information or ideas.

  Do what you can do as a consumer! For example,  
choosing the products using CSPO
(Certified Sustainable Palm Oil)
Don't judge by only price, think about the producer .   

We (website creating team) will introduce
one of our most important activity through our project!!

We discuss palm oil with Taiwanese students
and thought “ideal production system of palm oil.”



Our ideal system of palm oil industry

First, let’s think about producing countries.
They try to foster other industries such as the tourism industry,
making the most of their nature, plants and animals not to depend on palm oil.
After getting funds, they spend it developing sustainable oil palm plantations
and oil factories which meet standards the RSPO made,
thus they show production line’s model, impact on other plantations,
and the way of good production of palm oil.

Next, let’s think about trade.
The third party controls mediators between import and export thoroughly not to do bad things.

Doing so, the profit surely passes to the producer,
and consumers can get palm oil of good quality considered environment or social problems.


Finally, let’s think about importing countries.
Through education, they learn what palm oil is,
about the problems behind the production,
and each of them has an awareness of being one consumer.
When they go shopping, doing what we can do actively.
For example, choosing the products containing CSPO.

Today, palm oil is the vegetable oil produced the most in the world,
so it may impossible to stop using it.
Also, there are people who make living by running oil palm plantation.

It’s important to face each problems , by making
aiming for the sustainable production of palm oil.


After we discussed about ideal system of palm oil industry,
we shared our ideas to other highschool students through presentation.

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